Year End Awards by Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
The statistics speak for themselves - 306 wins! $960K earned! Kudos also to Shawn Gray (.440 UDRS, has been over .400 for the last three years) and Dude Goodblood (most wins in nine years for veteran reinsman)
Wins the top three invitationals in the state, multiple FFA wins, 1:53.3 trip at Scarborough. Kudos also to MISS ANNALISE (10 victories from a one horse stable).
Hot Barn - Michael Hitchcock
158 wins for the year most in the state, multiple horses with 10+ victories on the season, dominated at Bangor and the Fairs.
Week 38 (12/12/11 - 12/18/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Christopher Nye
Gets two wins this weekend, has had five wins over the last five weeks with limited driving opportunities.
Hot Hooves - VICTORY TAX
Trots around the Scarborough oval in 1:59.1
Hot Barn - Shawn Nye
Finished up the year with four wins and a second from seven starts.
Week 37 (12/05/11 - 12/11/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Shawn Thayer
Five wins on the weekend, the best weekend of the fall for the blue and white silks.
Forty Ninth sub two minute mile in the State of Maine with a 1:58.2 victory on Saturday
Hot Barn - Wallace Watson
Two winners for the week including a trotting FFA victory with WILD RUN HANOVER in 2:00.4
Week 36 (11/28/11 - 12/04/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Shawn Gray
Six wins, a second and five thirds show why he is leading the nation in UDRS!
Tenth win of the season, fourth win of the fall season, has hit the board all fall.
Hot Barn - Jon Chenard
Two wins and two thirds including an impressive mile by LIGHT IRON in 2:01 by 14 lengths.
Week 35 (11/21/11 - 11/27/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Ron Cushing
Four victories, two seconds and a third for a .681 UDRS for the weekend.
Change of venue from Bangor to Scarborough results in two wins in a row.
Hot Barn - David Henderson, Sr.
REAL COURTESY, CHAMPAGNE CHARLEY and SEXY SMILE all visit the winner's circle.
Week 34 (11/14/11 - 11/20/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
Nine wins, four seconds, and three show finishes and a UDRS of .470
Hot Hooves - TEST FLIGHT
Wins the top class of the week at Scarborough in 1:55.4 with Ron Cushing Driving for Joe Trice Stable.
Hot Barn - Philip "Bo" Sowers
Three wins, two seconds and one third from seven starts including GREAT EXPENSE in 1:56.3.
Week 33 (11/09/11 - 11/13/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Leigh Fitch
The "Fox" gets five winners over the weekend at Scarborough Downs.
Fourteenth win of the season, this week at Bangor in 1:56.2 for the Hitchcock Stable
Hot Barn - Alicia Gray
Hits the board with all five starters, three winners and two show finishes
Week 32 (11/02/11 - 11/08/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Charlene Cushing
 Four wins on the week, two from the barn and two catch drive winners in the Mildred Williams Series at Scarborough on Sunday.
Hot Hooves - TAKE THE RISK
 Second win in three starts, this week a nice 1:56.3 victory in a tough NW 3001 class.
Hot Barn - Adrian Wisher
Gets five winners on the week from nine starters including JITTERBUG HANOVER in 1:56.0

Week 31 (10/26/11 - 11/01/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
Eighteen wins on the week, outdistancing the competition by twelve wins.
Twelve win of the season is a wire to wire victory at Bangor in 1:56.3
Hot Barn - Eric Bickmore
Undefeated for the week with wins from MISSELIZABETHHAYES twice and MOONGLOW HALL

Week 30 (10/19/11 - 10/25/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Steven Nason
A hot .464 UDRS for the week with six wins, one second, and four thirds from seventeen starts.
Wraps up Maine Horse of the Year with victory in Paul Bunyan Memorial in 1:55.2, 11th victory of the season, victor in Mountain Skipper and Windsor Invite, plus multiple FFA victories
Hot Barn - Linton Quirrion
Sends out four starters and gets wins from EARL VIC DOL and BIG Z CLASS on Friday and CURRENT CASH on Sunday.

Week 29 (10/10/11 - 10/18/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Jason Bartlett
Invades Scarborough for Sire Stakes Championship day and hits the board six of eight starts with two winners.
Hot Hooves - CBF FANCY
Scores major upset in the 3 Year Old Filly Sire Stakes Championship in 1:58.4 with Switz Jr. in the sulky.
Hot Barn - Richard Robertson, Jr.
Starts the Scarborough Fall Meet on fire with five winners and a second from six starters.

Week 28 (10/3/11 - 10/9/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Heath Campbell
12 wins at the western Maine fair and tops drivers with a .461 UDRS.
Henderson Stable entry wins third impressive race from last four starts, including a track record performance in Farmington.
Hot Barn - Stan Whittemore
Five wins and a second takes top training honors for Stan, who must be getting ready for Florida soon.

Week 27 (9/25/11 - 10/2/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Shawn Gray
Still the top UDRS driver in the nation, Cumberland Fair saw 13 trips to the winner's circle and a UDRS of .536 for the week.
Ninth win of the season in 1:56.3 tying the all age track record at Cumberland. 
Hot Barn - Donald Richards
Home cooking pays off with four winners, a second and a third from six starts.

Week 26 (9/18/11 - 9/24/11) by Steve Wilson

Hot Hands - Heath Campbell
Every time I looked he hit the board. 8 wins, 10 seconds and 7 thirds for the week and he took Monday off!!!
Went from leading UDR driver in the nation to the pizza man pacing home in 28.3!!!
Hot Barn - Russell Pratt
Took advantage of home track with a win, two 2nds and a 3rd. Pretty good week if you ask me.

Week 25 (9/12/11 - 9/17/11) by Mark Harris

Hot Hands - Shawn Gray
Even though I cheer for Orange & Black, got to give it to the Blue & Gold team this week. Shawn had 32 starts with 11 wins, 7 seconds, and 2 thirds. Switzer, Jr. a close 2nd with 33 starts, 9 wins, 4 seconds, and 8 thirds
A 56-1 shot lights up the tote board at the Big O.
Hot Barn - Adrian Wisher
Seven starts, two wins, one second , three thirds and a fifth. They all got checks. (Also tied for the most claims!)

Week 24 (9/06/11 - 9/11/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Christopher Nye
Gotta give credit to Switzer, Sr. (9 wins on the week including upset in two year old filly trot final) and Graffam (brilliant strategy with Royal Knockout in three year old filly pace final and upset with SIGNTHEPAIGE), but young Nye grabs three winners Sunday at Oxford, his first multiple win card.
Wins the Two Year Old Colt Trotting  Final in 2:03.4 for Mark Athearn in fastest two year old trot of the year.
Hot Barn - Wallace Watson
Denver Cyclone's reign this year reaches the pinnacle as three year old ties Scarborough Track Record in Championship race. Nice to see Wally in the winner's circle and he gave a great post-race interview.

Week 23 (8/28/11 - 9/05/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Joey Mosher
Got back in the sulky at Skowhegan for the first time this year, and after a couple of weeks to get rid of the cobwebs, visits the Windsor Winner's circle four times.
Third win in a row, this week in 1:55.3 after last week's shocker in 1:55 around the seaside oval!
Hot Barn - Michael Hitchcock
11 wins, 8 seconds and 4 thirds for the week for the Bangor based stable

Week 22 (8/21/11 - 8/27/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Brian Blanchard
Takes over the reins on PERFECT LAUNCH and directed her to a new Union Track Record for aged mares in 1:57.2.
Hot Hooves - MAEVE
Track record performance at Scarborough in 1:56.2 after last week's track record 1:56.4 at Skowhegan, dominating the three year old filly pacers.
Hot Barn - Joseph Nelson
His best week this year as he wins Union's trainer award with six wins and two seconds from nine starts.

Week 21 (8/14/11 - 8/20/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
Gets 15 wins, 11 seconds and 15 thirds with a UDRS of .493 for the week.
Hot Hooves - CYBER CAST
1:59.0 victory at Skowhegan in the three year old colt trotters division, won by 23½ lengths.
Hot Barn - Kevin Switzer, Sr.
Eight starters in Scarborough this week, seven made the winners circle, that's why he King of Scarborough.

Week 20 (8/07/11 - 8/13/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - David White
Grabs his first lifetime victory on Tuesday at Topsham Fair in rein to CAVIARANDSOFTMUSIC.
Hot Hooves - SASSY SARAH
Her tenth victory of the season is now the All-Age Track Record at Topsham Fair in a blistering 1:56.1. 10-year old mare is having a career year!
Hot Barn - Charles Symes
From eight starts this week, four winners, one second and two thirds for Team Black & Yellow.

Week 19 (7/31/11 - 8/06/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Heath Campbell
Campbell/Grondin duo dominating Stakes action as of late.
In the first Invitational of the year (due to Paul Bunyan's trip to the beach), Scotch captures the all-age track record at Northern Maine Fair in 1:54.1.
Hot Barn - Scott MacKenzie
Voyage to the county gets 4 wins, 2 seconds and 2 thirds from the barn, every start hits the board.

Week 18 (7/25/11 - 7/30/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Chris Davies
Takes advantage of the Aroostook County Air in getting three wins on opening day at the Northern Maine Fair.
Two year Old Filly Trotting dominating her division, this week winning by 9 lengths in 2:06.1 at Scarborough.
Hot Barn - Robert Gray
Has three wins and two seconds from six starts on the week.

Week 17 (7/20/11 - 7/24/11) by Mike Cushing

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Sr.
"BIG SWITZ" took full advantage of a couple Bangor cancellations, and the absence of some of the "young guns", as he stayed at The Downs to capture 7 driving wins. Highlighted by a MSBS victory with his two year old colt Lollipop Kid, who he co-owns with Hannah Taggart.
Hot Hooves - CLASS HIT
As tempting as it is to once again crown Denver Cyclone the title off another impressive win on Sunday, Class Hit deserves the recognition. This ultra-consistent trotting mare continued her winning ways for trainer/driver Rob Dinning. Her victory against 10k claimers Sunday, came in a different fashion from usual, by circling the field from off the pace
Hot Barn - Todd DuBois
With limited racing opportunities this week, the Dubois Barn gets the nod, accumulating 2 wins,1 second, and 1 third. Topped off with a victory from Dr. Prescription, piloted by "The Fox" Leigh Fitch.

Week 16 (7/13/11 - 7/19/11) by Todd DuBois

Hot Hands - Ryan Hall
Ryan had his first driving double last week and then a driving triple this week with three trotters at Scarborough.
Nice two year old goes in 1:57.3 at Bangor.
Hot Barn - David Crochere
Had four wins this week and his horses are racing very well.

Week 15 (7/06/11 - 7/12/11) by Kim Vafiades

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
What can I say this young man has been on fire all season. Had four wins Saturday at Scarborough.
This outstanding trotting has worked his way from non winners to 8,000 and 10,000 claimers. Has won the FFA two weeks in a row...... On a side note, Maine racing lost one of its prominent race mares this week, KEYSTONE NATALIE. NATALIE holds three track records here in Maine. She is the fastest aged mare at Windsor in 1:54.2 where she was driven by Drew Campbell.  Shawn Gray drove her to the fastest win time for four year old mares at Oxford, which stands at 1:55.4. Finally, her third record is at Fryeburgh, the fastest mile paced by a four year old mare in a time of 1:58.3, driven by Shawn Gray. You will be missed by many, Nat!
Hot Barn - Michael Hitchcock
Another great week from this stable. Had five wins. Keep up the good work Mike, Chris Jerry, Scott and Sam!

Week 14 (6/29/11 - 7/05/11) by Heath Campbell

Hot Hands - Chris Davies
Put on a driving clinic at Bangor Friday night including a victory sitting behind a trotter for the first time!
Two year old stakes colt had a nice snappy last quarter Monday night.
Hot Barn - Scott MacKenzie
Hard work paid off with two stakes winners on Tuesday. RUNNER-UP - CHARLES SYMES  Three wins this week and deserves this honor because he let me use his trailer this week!!

Week 13 (6/22/11 - 6/28/11) by  Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Sr.
Had the Hot Hands on Sunday at Scarborough with six wins, including the first three races   
Hot Hooves - MAEVE
IImpressive start to the Stakes season, setting a Scarborough track record in 1:57.1  
Hot Barn -  Stanley Whittemore
From seven starters, had four wins and a third.

Week 12 (6/15/11 - 6/21/11) by Cory Byers

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Sr.
Numerous wins at the Downs -His Office!
Back to back wins at Bangor for the great Freeman Parker.
Hot Barn - Michael Hitchcock
Winning races at a high rate at both ends of the state.

Week 11 (6/08/11 - 6/14/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Mark Athearn
Four wins on the week including back to back victories with Dartanion and Cyber Cast
Hot Hooves - ART'S SAKE
Fifth win in a row, this week at Scarborough in the mud in 2:00.1.
Hot Barn - Patricia Switzer
Got a late start to the season, but made up for it this week with three wins, a second and a third from five starters.

Week 10 (6/01/11 - 6/07/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Christopher Nye
Captures his fastest win of his young career behind Thaacaretheeso in 1:56.2.
Fourth fastest mile at Scarborough Down's history in 1:53.3.
Hot Barn - William DuBois
A training triple on Sunday with Princess Dot, Travelin Tom and Devin Hall. Four winners for the week.

Week 9 (5/25/11 - 5/31/11) by Adam Gray

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr. & Shawn Gray
Both had 8 wins last week with Shawn winning five on Monday in Bangor.
Congrats on his track record performance at the Downs. Jim Hardy trains and drives this impressive three year old colt.
Hot Barn - Alicia Brown
Five winners and a second out of seven starts, very impressive.

Week 8 (5/18/11 - 5/24/11) by Drew Campbell

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
10 wins, 7 seconds, and 6 thirds for the week. 5 wins on Saturday and 4 on Tuesday, making the Hitchcock stable look good.
Loves the fast track - beating the best in 1:59.3, plus The Con paid the dog's vet bill quickly this year for Grondin.
Hot Barn - Craig & Ryan Hall
Every horse in the stable is stepping up and blowing up the tote board, and the boy is doing a good job, too.

Week 7 (5/09/11 - 5/17/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Kevin Switzer, Jr.
 Nine winners on the week with a UDRS of .391
Impressive three year old trotter grabs second win in a row in 2:04.1 before headed north to Ontario for stakes action.
Hot Barn -  Robert Gray
Three wins and a second from eight starts for the week

Week 6 (5/02/11 - 5/08/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Heath Campbell
Congrats go out to Shawn Gray for taking over the top spot in the standings with 27 wins on the year, and to Rob Dinning for six wins on the week, almost doubling his win total for the year, but Hot Hands to Heath Campbell who had seven wins on the week including triples on Friday and Saturday.
Yeah, I heard some horse went in 1:53.2, but Hot Hooves go to RUPERT RUPERT who tied POSTCARD JACK for the most sub-two minute miles in the State of Maine for their career. The 10-year old paced in 1:57.2 for his first win of the season. Congratulations to Nelson and Dillon for the success they have had with their favorite horse!
Hot Barn - Timothy Nehila
Gets the training double on Saturday with SUPER SIDNEY C in 1:56.3 and new stable addition REDSTONE RUCKUS IN 1:57.2.

Week 5 (4/25/11 - 5/01/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Shane Taggart
Overcomes illness to record two winners and a third from five starts.
His fourth win from five starts at Scarborough, this week in a seasonal mark of 1:56.4.
Hot Barn - Kevin Switzer
Three wins from three starts including Powerful Boy in 1:59.1, Switz N Swag in 1:59.0 and Shady Sabrina taking the Fillies & Mares FFA in 1:56.0

Week 4 (4/18/11 - 4/24/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Shawn Gray
Eleven wins for the week and a UDRS of .651, and grabs second place in the standings and within 1 of Campbell.
Hot Hooves - VICTORY TAX
Grabs victory in the FFA Trot,
Hot Barn - Alicia Brown
Brings five horses to the Downs, puts four in the winner's circle, and a third for other.

Week 3 (4/16/11 - 4/17/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - Drew Campbell
Seven wins, a second and three thirds for the week, puts him at the top of the leader board early in the season with 19 wins.
Hot Hooves - SHOWOFF N
His third win in a row, this week's a resounding victory in 2:00.0 in the top trot class of the week.
Hot Barn - Arthur Davignon
Arthur has had four wins, a second, and two thirds from eight starts so far this season, including Lucky Strike who sits on the Season's Leader Board with a 2:01.3 victory this week

Week 2 (4/09/11 - 4/10/11) by Chris Nye

Hot Hands - Drew Campbell
Drew had 7 wins, 7 seconds and 2 thirds. Three out of seven wins were sub-two minute miles, including Mystical Delight's stretch battle with Town Fool, just getting up for the 1:55.4 win.
Her second off-the-pace victory. Last year she proved herself as a front end pacing mare , and this year she proves herself to be an off-the-pace mare too! Runner-up to Gracie Gracie with two wins in the Mares FFA.
Hot Barn - Philip "Bo" Sowers
Two wins, two seconds and a third this week. Took the late double Saturday with an FFA win from Malek Hanover in a season's best 1:55.1 and Uncle Ralphy fighting off a late charging Hitchcock entry. The rest of his entries showed very good efforts also, including No Shoes, Mctone Cold and P A Chance, a recent claim. Congratulations Bo and all connections!!

Week 1 (4/02/11 - 4/03/11) by Staff

Hot Hands - James Hardy
The first weekend is in the books and Hardy had four winners, three of those were season leaders.
Hot Hooves - JOHNNY Z
Played with the Free For All horses in Maine debut, fastest opening day mile ever in Maine in 1:55.1.
Hot Barn - Michael Hitchcock
Three winners for the weekend, had eight starters and seven hit the board.