2008 Standardbred Horse Sales Company
At Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Here's a look at how connections from Maine faired at the Harrisburg Sale. If you know of any omissions, please let us know.
Bought Horses
Horse Sire Dam Purchaser Price
BLUE MAN CHU Yearling, bay colt Muscles Yankee Vernon Blue Chip Michael Andrew $110,000
YUMA Yearling, bay colt Western Hanover Dreamiscape Roland Mallar $45,000
SILKY'S BEST Yearling, brown colt Bettor's Delight Silky Dr. Ian Moore $45,000
IDEAS GALORE Yearling, bay colt Western Ideal Ruffles Galore Dr. Ian Moore $22,000
SPRING RUN Yearling, bay colt The Pandarosa Armbro Knots Dr. Ian Moore $20,000
TEAM ZORDIN Yearling, bay colt Muscles Yankee Zorgwijk Delighted George Bullukian $12,000
MOLLINSKI Yearling, bay filly Western Hanover Mollin Hanover Roland Mallar $16,000
PLAIN N TRAINS Yearling, bay colt Artsplace Open Plains Ted Wing $20,000
BREAK DANCER Yearling, bay colt Western Ideal Lives To Dance Ted Wing $25,000
PETROSSIAN Yearling, bay colt S J's Caviar Elegante Mongil James Doherty $8,000
REVENUE SHARING Yearling, bay colt Revenue S Texas Valentine Harold Dresser $18,000
PRIME ESCAPE Yearling, bay colt Artiscape Zacharysprimadonna Roland Sears $17,000
MALCYON MUSCLE Yearling, bay colt Muscles Yankee Malcyon Thomas Dillon $10,000
DADDY'S DREAM Yearling, bay filly Dream Vacation Sand Cassin George Ducharme $5,000
UNNAMED Weanling, bay filly Shady Character Movie Legend Ivan Davies $3,000
UNNAMED Weanling, chestnut colt Duke Of York Lukes Erica Scott Dillon $5,000
YANKEE GAZELLE Broodmare, bay mare Sierra Kosmos Glitsy Yankee Kathy Beaman $9,000
CINEMATIC HANOVER Broodmare, bay mare Muscles Yankee Caitrin Lynn Marie Plouffe $37,000
ENJOY LA VIE Broodmare, bay mare Enjoy Lavec Indecent Sahbra Richard Salzillo $3,000
MUSCLES IN MOTION Broodmare, brown mare Muscles Yankee Feel The Motion Michael Andrew $30,000
TORI HALL Racehorse, bay mare Conway Hall Trapeze Artist Earl Beaman $10,000
FOURLILWOLFROAD Racehorse, bay mare Donerail Lark's Last Crown Richard Salzillo $4,000
MACHWURST Racehorse, bay mare Mach Three Western Whirl Charles Craig $9,000
GRENABRA Racehorse, brown mare Kadabra Grenada Blue Chip Richard Salzillo $2,500
SPIRITS HIGHWAY Racehorse, bay mare Western Spirit Pacific Highway Joseph Nelson $1,500
SILK SCREEN Broodmare, bay mare Artsplace Silksndiamonds Linwood Higgins $9,000
WEEKIE WACHIE Racehorse, brown mare Artiscape CR Memphis Belle William Varney $13,000
ALLAMERICAN CELEB Racehorse, bay mare Pro Bono Best Cd's Girl Anthony Tambolleo $5,000
PRECESSOFHOLLYWD Racehorse, bay mare Conway Hall J'onetta Gary Hall $5,000
PRENCESSOFTHEBALL Racehorse, bay mare Presidential Ball Stakes Are High Anthony Tambolleo $1,500
GOODGIRL GONEBAD Racehorse, bay mare Western Hanover Roaring Good Time Richard Bartlett $7,000
REVENOPOLIS Racehorse, bay horse Revenue S. Olympic Cheers Richard Bartlett $2,000
ACTIVE DUTY Racehorse, bay horse Allamerican Ingot Ms Dasher Lester Dancer $2,500
POSTER HANOVER Racehorse, bay mare Real Desire Publication Ralph Andersen $15,000
SHARE A SMILE Racehorse, bay gelding The Panderosa Janice Cambest Debra Bartlett $10,000
HITOUCH EMOTION Racehorse, brown gelding High On Emotion Touchez Pas La Mor Joseph Nelson $18,000
MR NICE GUY Racehorse, bay gelding Western Ideal Yankee Scandal Kim Ireland $50,000
OUR IAN Racehorse, bay gelding Western Ideal Diamond Mil Bruce Aldrich, Jr. $12,000
ESCAPEFROMALCATRAZ Racehorse, brown gelding Sportsmaster Dragon Show Kevin Switzer $32,000
I AM HERE Racehorse, bay gelding Self Possessed I Am Peach Gary Salmacha $33,000
TAPAS BAR Racehorse, bay horse Angus Hall Marla Bar Scott Dillon $12,000
KEY TO THE WEST Racehorse, bay gelding Western Hanover Steal The Key Barry Caruso $1,500
LET ME DREAM Racehorse, bay horse Pearsall Hanover Tenacious Victory Katherine Nason $9,000
SWIFT KID Racehorse, bay gelding Yankee Glide Swift Kid Hanover Carol Karter $42,000
JIMMY CONWAY Racehorse, bay gelding Conway Hall On The Baltic Katharine Nason $3,500
Sold Horses
Horse Sire Dam Purchaser Price
THATILLBSWEET Racehorse, bay filly Sweet Dragon Thatilldoit Holmes Stock Farm
Berlin, OH
KANALLA BELLA Racehorse, bay filly Boy Band Malimony Robin Schadt, Agent
Oak Lawn, IL
KIJ GABBY Racehorse, bay filly Gorkij Park Courtly Dee Russell Williams
Hanover, PA
SORELLE D'UVA Broodmare in foal David's Pass Maine Jan Russell Williams
Hanover, PA
PEMBROKE SPICE Racehorse, bay filly Andover Hall Saintly Spice William Varney
Bangor, ME
PEMBROKE SWIFTY Racehorse, bay filly Cam's Card Shark Flex Corey Callahan
Queenstown, MD
PEMBROKE LU Racehorse, bay filly Baron Biltmore Lexie Lulu Jenna Kunchen
Freehold, NJ
SD BOOMERANG Racehorse, bay filly Sweet Dragon Winsong Sharade Larry Conrad
Somerset, OH
PEMBROKE DANDY Racehorse, brown colt Pacific Fella Just Fine 'n Dandy Benjamin Paquette
St-Brigide D'iberville
PEMBROKE BLITZ Racehorse, bay colt Neutralize Big Easy Goer Fox Den Farm Agent
Union Bridge, MD
MAINEIAC MATT Racehorse, bay gelding Merrilywerollalong Rush On Laughing Robert Salemo
West Haverstraw, NY
PEMBORKE CHIP Racehorse, bay colt Malabar Man Sharra Blue Chip Kevin Koury, Agent
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
PEMBROKE PHOTO Racehorse, bay gelding S J's Photo Super Sibyl Little Lady Stable
Freehold, NJ
UP TEMPO Racehorse, bay gelding Boy Band A Virtue Paul Kelley, Agent
Gansevoort, NY
JUNGLES MOONSHINE Racehorse, bay colt Warren Moon Jungle O Peaches Jay Baxter
Worton, MD
PEMBROKE DELUXE Racehorse, black gelding Baron Biltmore Primo Deluxe Barry Caruso
Attleboro, MA
FOX RIDGE MICHAEL Racehorse, bay gelding Moving Forward Denice Mayka -