2012 Standardbred Horse Sales Company
At Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Here's a look at how connections from Maine faired at the Harrisburg Sale. If you know of any omissions, please let us know.
Bought Horses
Horse Sire Dam Purchaser Price
EBB TIDE HANOVER Yearling, bay filly Somebeachsomewhere Edra Hanover Peter Blood $40,000
VEGGIE NATION Yearlong, bay colt Explosive Matter Fruit Bar Percy Jones $8,000
HIGH FLIER Yearling, brown colt Shadow Play Lady Ashlee Ann Dr. Ian Moore $37,000
SHESAIDHESAIDISAID Yearling, brown filly Well Said Lucky Irma Roland Mallar $13,000
UPPITY HANOVER Yearling, bay colt Donato Hanover Up Front Lisa Roland Mallar $21,000
WALLSTREET HANOVER Yearling, bay colt Explosive Matter Whistle Hanover Peter Blood $20,000
ARTHUR BLUE CHIP Yearling, bay colt Shadow Play Advantest Dr. Ian Moore $135,000
DOO WOP HANOVER Yearling, bay colt Rocknroll Hanover Deer Valley Miss Peter Blood $52,000
I'M YOUR SHADOW Yearling, brown colt Shadow Play Delightfully Yours Shirley Lewis $3,000
SHADOW MARGEAUX Yearling, black colt Shadow Play Joyeux Dr. Ian Moore $47,000
KING MIDAS Yearling, bay colt Muscles Yankee Gold Mine Ambrosio Warren Harp $27,000
ROSHAN HANOVER Yearling, brown colt The Panderosa Razzle My Tazzle Dr. Ian Moore/ Allan MacDonald $32,000
SHARK ESCAPE Yearling, bay colt Artiscape Shark Lady Dr. Alroy Chow $10,000
ROYAL PERVETTE Yearling, bay filly RC Royalty The Glimmer Girl George Ducharme $25,000
BULLSEYE Yearlong, black colt Cam's Card Shark West Indies Dr. Alroy Chow $6,000
KEYSTONE BLUSH Yearling, bay filly Angus Hall Armbro Blusher George Ducharme $17,000
IN A SNAP Yearling, bay filly Crazed Button Box Gordon Corey $15,000
BETTER BITTER BEST Yearling, bay filly Real Artist Career Success William Childs $5,000
MASTER BEDROOM Yealing, bay colt Glidemaster Darling Monique Gordon Corey $15,000
CASHIN THE STARS Yearling, bay filly Cash Hall Honey Starlet Steven Pratt $20,000
JOLLYROGER HANOVER Yearling, brown colt The Panderosa J K Dolly Jeffrey Graffam $12,000
IDEAL WILLIE Yearling, bay colt American Ideal Ladyotra Scott Blackler $15,000
IM AN ART MAJOR Yearling, brown colt Major In Art Lady Ann Mathew Downey Stables $7,000
CURTAIN UP Yearling, brown filly Crazed Lil Miss Broadway Maxine Hadlock $9,000
MUSIKA HANOVER Yearling, bay filly Glidemaster Musette Hanover Paul Fontaine $19,000
BETTOR THAN BEST Yearling, bay colt Bettor's Delight Pearls Melody Scott Blackler $17,000
LAST CALL Yearling, bay filly Cam's Card Shark Turola River Randal Smith $1,000
MM'S AMERICAN BOY Yearling, brown colt Malabar Millennium American Leggs Roland Mallar $20,000
ARMBRO VERMOUTH Broodmare Super Bowl Ginger Lobell Robyn Woodard $5,000
Sold Horses
Horse Sire Dam Purchaser Price
CYBER CAST Racehorse, bay colt Current Cast Celebrity Image Santo Vena, Brampton, Ont $65,000
IZA BELLA Racehorse, bay filly Boy Band Malimony Gilbert Lawyer, Schenectady, NY $26,000