2010 MSBOA Auction Results
Cumberland Fairgrounds
Monday, September 13, 2010
Horse Sire Dam Purchaser Price
PEMBROKE COWBOY Two Year Old Gelding Boy Band Aloha Hall   No Sale
CRANMEADOW CUPIE Broodmare Cumin Breezy Knoll Upiti Daniel Therrien $100
HAREISONAROLL Yearling Filly Sendthebill Hare Rollers Rosario Cloutier $2,700
DANCERS WANTED Two Year Old Filly Dancer's Legacy Lu Lu Spur   No Sale
JOAN OF ART Broodmare in foal Artsplace Wailing Wilma Fair Meadow Farm $900
RING OF GARY Yearling Gelding Ring Of Life Framed Print Donald Richards $3,500
DRIVEN WOMAN Two Year Old Filly Western Cyclone E Dee's Diamond   No Sale
EYES A BLAZING N Broodmare in foal Totally Ruthless Treasure Bond Daniel Therrien $300
JIMMY WHIZBANG Yearling Gelding Shady Character Eyes A Flashing N Gerry Smith $2,700
PEMBROKE BAJA Two Year Old Filly Neutralize Baja Hanover Ken Gallant $600
MODERN FILLY Four Year Old Mare Modern Art Marty's Filly Holmes Stock Farm $700
BILL'S CRUSADER Yearling Colt Sendthebill Future Fox Richard Belisle $1,000
PEMBROKE ICED OUT Two Year Old Filly Fast Company NEO Glitzy   No Sale
YUPPIE HANOVER Broodmare Donerail Yankee Preview Ivan Davies $1,300
KATAHDIN COCO Yearling Filly Musclini Mint Blue Chip   No Sale
PEMBROKE MUSCLES Two Year Old Gelding Musclini Look Yonder No Sale
NEVERENOUGH RUSTY Broodmare in foal CR Commando Christmas Photo Gary Bryant $3,000
RC TRULY DAISY Yearling Filly Boy Band Truly Cumin Michael Graffam $5,700
HANNAH GRACE Three Year Old Filly Fred And Barney Magic Kneeboots Holmes Stock Farm $550
MOVIE LEGEND Broodmare in foal Artsplace Movie Star Legs Fair Meadow Farm $2,300
NO CONTEST Yearling Filly Moving Forward Queen Bee Hall Roderick Cushing $3,500
RC DERBY MAGIC Yearling Colt Derrybeg Magic Tag Tracy Rankin $1,100
STORMIN ON DOWN Yearling Gelding Western Cyclone Time For A Win William Childs $2,500
SPHINX K Aged Gelding Arturo Lady Nile   $500
NATIONAL PASTIME Aged Gelding Bettor's Delight Aelan   OUT
MR BACCIAGALUPE Aged Gelding Yankee Cruiser Keystone Tu Tu   OUT
BRILEY SHEA Aged Mare Sportsmaster Broadway Dandy   OUT
SWEET PEA STREET Two Year Old Filly Moving Forward Rose Street Jewel William Childs $1,300
BANK ON A KISS Yearling Filly Ashlee's Big Guy Chevie Letsgo   OUT
WON'T TOUCH THIS Broodmare in foal Long Fella Touchy Touchy   OUT
HEEZACLOWN Aged Gelding Grand Slam Cam Laag In Time Ken Gallant  
BOGO'S WAY Aged Gelding Dontgetinmyway Bogo Jamie Freeman  
DOC'S RUBICON Two Year Old Filly Cam's Eclipse Bequest Hanover   No Sale
CONNIE CORLEONE Aged Mare Coreleone Trish Seelster Lisa Saindon  
GRANDMA FINN Three Year Old Filly Make It Brief Lovely Limit W. Drew Campbell  
W R FINN Aged Gelding Ft Apache Hanover Lovely Limit   No Sale
SASSY SAUTERELLE Aged Mare Ilooklikemymom J H Sauterelle   OUT
LIFEISCAPE Aged Gelding Artiscape Fulloflife   OUT
MAIN GATE RED ROCK Aged Gelding Inquirer Main Gate Lacey   No Sale
FASHENABLE STATURE Aged Gelding Stature Hot Fashion Daniel Therrien $600
THREE BUTTON DOOR Aged Gelding Threefold Out The Door   OUT
SAM'S COOKIE TWO Weanling Colt Eicarls Ramrod Cookie Dough RKN S   OUT
SAM'S BIG BOB Two Year Old Colt Bob La Vittoria   OUT
WORKQUIN Two Year Old Gelding Tarquin Hall Workout Woman   No Sale
JO JO ZACK ATTACK Two Year Old Colt Nikki Cole Cole Chip's Jewel   No Sale
ANTIDONT Three Year Old Filly Grinfromeartoear Poison Thoughts   No Sale
BILLY D N Aged Gelding Holmes Hanover Misty Milne Todd Dubois $900
SMOKNINTHEBOYZROOM Aged Gelding Misfit Be My Love   Out
C G HERB Aged Gelding Cambest Tyler's Byrd Patricia Switzer $550
CALLA LILY GAL Aged Mare Admirals Galley Peony Lobell   No Sale
BLACK MAGIC GYPSY Aged Mare Armbro Mackintosh Gypsy Dawn Daniel Therrien $400
ROLLY'S EXPRESS Aged Gelding Big Tom Broadway Actress Brian Kelley $1,100
DRAGON'S HEART Aged Gelding Dragon's Lair Key's Valentine   No Sale
YOU SILLY GOOSE Aged Mare Badlands Hanover Lost My Love Neal Grass $1,000